A Week to Remember at KYAMC

Mankind is born with the inherent nature to be humane. The real question is how well and widely it is practised. I believe that a survey will yield very disheartening results. Humanity is the intrinsic characteristic that makes us humans. Today, the need is burning for this intrinsic characteristic to be visibly expressed. We can claim that, generation over generation, the practice of humanity in the play of life is the best production of humankind. It is from this belief that has given rise to this year’s slogan for the Cultural Week “Presentation of humanity is the greatest production of a generation”. In our country, and perhaps across the globe, we are the first to spread the thought of “Students’ Day” throughout the nation. The students of this medical college are working tirelessly to realize the dream of the venerable Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain, Chairman, KYAMCH. Being a good medical practitioner is not the only way to be a ‘Doctor for the welfare of Humans’, it must also be expressed by being a good human being overall.

The Cultural Week 2009, organised by the Cultural Committee 2009 of KYAMCH, was initiated by the declaration of 14 November as Students’ Day in 2008.

The auspicious event was launched at the opening ceremony. The Chairman of the institute, Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain, announced the launching of the event. Dr. Hossain Reza, Principal, Dr. Rubiyat Farzana Hussain, Member, KYAMCH Trustee Board, Dr. Ashim Kumar Sengupta, Advisor, Cultural Committee 2009, were also present. A colourful rally, comprising of students, faculty, and other members toured the college and hospital areas following the launching ceremony. The rally was adorned with placards, festoons, slogans, and was accompanied by the beats of drum. Later, the students commenced the week long evening programmes. The special guest of the day was Bappa Mazumder, one of the very popular singers of today.

Students’ play, various competitions and performances made the following day’s programme exciting. Teachers and their children got the opportunity to perform on the fifth day of the programme. Shamsul Huda, Advisor, Sales and Marketing, ATN Bangla and Khondokar Jahangir Kabir, Additional Vice-President, Programs, ATN Bangla, were the special guests on that day. The main attraction in the programme was that each day one or more nationally renowned artistes performed. Amongst them were Sadi Mohammad, Fatema Tuz Zohora, Bari Siddiqi, Eva Rahman, ATN stars Rezwanul Huq, Chumki, Shimul Mustafa, and AKM Shoaib.

A closing ceremony marked the end of the weeklong event. A segment of the closing ceremony was dedicated to prize giving to the winners of various competitions, while another segment was dedicated to performance from the well known band Artcell. Media partners of the Cultural Week 2009 were ATN Bangla, Radio Amar, Star Campus and Amader Shomoy.


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